What Are There Security Warnings?

As protection against malware and other invasive applications systems, your computers security system will check all downloaded programs for trust-worthy certificates of recognition.

If it cannot find a dedicated certificate, it will default to a security warning without testing the app. It should look like this:

This is a normal security protocol for new apps that haven't paid to be listed on Microsoft's app store. This does not imply that our app is in anyway unsafe or insecure, simply that Microsoft has not been paid to trust the app.

To continue with installation please click "More info" (highlighted in image above), followed by "Run Anyway":

When Will This Security Error Be Fixed?

While we are in the process of applying for the needed certificates to prevent this from being a future issue, we aren't there yet.

We can confirm that despite these warnings there are no known stability or security issues with our application.

If WIndows Still Wont Let You Install The Interviewerr Application

If you receive a warning, and it blocks you from continuing though to installation, this is most likely caused by one of (or potentially all) your current security applications.

To get around this issue you will need to:

  1. Turn OFF both third-party and Windows malware and anti-virus protections

  2. Restart and complete installation of the Interviewerr desktop app

  3. Then please turn all third party and Windows malware and anti-virus protections back to ON to prevent any future penetration of your system; turning these back on will not block use of the app once it is installed

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