Though we're exploring an in-app analysis feature, it's not currently build in to the Interivewerr interface.

However, we have been working on an optimised .csv export of your interview and project data. You can then load this .csv into Google Sheets, Excel or Numbers to easily filter and analyse your data.

The .csv export is structured as follows:


  1. Project Id

  2. Project Title

  3. Interview Id

  4. Interview Name

  5. Question Number*

  6. Question Asked*

  7. Note Id

  8. Note Timestamp

  9. Note Text

  10. Tags

* Every note is taken is automatically references the question inserted above it. You can adjust note-to-question association by moving notes or questions on the audio timeline to reflect the association you're looking for.


  1. Every note taken in an interview has its own row on export. Each row will contain the relational data of every column to make filtering and batching notes for analysis as easy as possible. , with each of the export columns

Exporting Projects vs Interviews

You can export the notes of an entire project from your account view, or export a single interview from within an individual project.

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