Interviewerr was built as an agnostic platform and therefore works with any and all video conference softwares including by not limited to:

  • Skype

  • Zoom

  • Google Meet (Hangouts)

  • Bluejeans

  • Microsoft Teams

  • GoToMeeting

  • Zoho Meeting

  • Cisco WebEx

  • Join.Me

  • Slack

  • And many more!

How To Setup Interviewerr With Any Video Conferencing Software

There is no required integration setup to use Interviewerr with a video conferencing software.

However, different video conferencing software uses different settings when accessing your audio input (mic) and output (speakers) which may need to be adjusted for Interviewerr to record properly.

Before starting a call or a new recording we recommend the following:

Step 1:

Ensure your video conference software is set to use the default audio input and output.

This is often labelled "Same As System", "Default" or "System Default" in the audio settings. Here is an example from Zoom:

You should find similar setting options in any video conferencing software. Setting these to the system default setting ensures that when Interviewerr is turned on your video conferencing software will use the same channels that Interviewerr is recording.

Step 2:

Setup a test interview, and test the software in a low pressure context (a casual call or daily standup for example). We want to make sure that you are effectively recording both sides of the conversation, so we don't recommend testing on an empty call.

Step 3:

Interviewerr has a built in audio-testing tool. Though limited, it can give you a fair indication of whether or not Interviewerr will be picking up both sides of a conversation.

We encourage using this whenever you are recording with a different or new set up.

If you are using the Web App version of Interviewerr:

Please keep in mind that the Interviewerr web app is not always able to record incoming audio through a headphone connection. This could mean that while your voice is recorded, your particpant's voice will not be.

If using the web app please make sure to conduct your interview without headphones. Otherwise please download the desktop app.

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